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jiang wei is here!


11 May
Hello, I'm Tabitha and you are? Obligations: I feel obligated to warn you that I have a tendency to take something and beat it to death with a stick, and then abandon it like it never even mattered. But that's only things that are minor loves in the big heart picture. I also feel obligated to warn you that I rant. I rant about fandoms (ex. pairings, character preferences, character personalities, under loved OTPs), I rant about life (and how it's just not fair today), I rant about the color of the sky sometimes (damn it for being blue), and I'm really wordy about things that can take just a sentence to sum up. (My problem is I just don't know what that sentence is.) But I don't rant so much that it's unbearable, or everyday even, I have my boundaries, I know when to stop, but I do rant, and I need to rant, it's just part of me (don't worry, I'll warn you before hand so you can just skip right over that).

Are you still reading? Great, okay, so now we can talk about pleasant things, like things I enjoy!

I write, but not a whole lot, and not extremely well, better than some things I've read (ooh burn?). I usually write fluff so nonsensical that it rots your teeth from overexposure, or super-angst (the super hero always there when you need to cry), I don't have a middle ground, I don't think. I write fanfiction of Final Fantasy (VII: CloudxAeris usually.), Dynasty Warriors (5-7: Ling TongxGan Ning mostly.), and that's usually about all I trust myself not to mess up. I love music, certain songs just need to be shared with everyone, so I'll probably do that a lot. I make icons, they aren't brilliant but I love them (until I make a new one). I play the Sims (2-3, mostly 3 now however), I love my Sims, they're very amusing to watch survive on their own.